Just Another Night in Hollywood: A Collection by Rusty

Just Another Night in Hollywood: A Collection by Rusty

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as our attention spans wither with ease, I’ve become complacent with life passing me by. i'll take blame. i spent a lot of two-thousand nineteen in airplanes with my head down. on a tour bus, not exploring each city we stopped in. i uber everywhere and stare into space with headphones in. i still dont know my way around la after three years.

years pass by and feel like weeks. weeks pass by and it feel like hours. i never know what day it is or what time it is. i feel lost and disoriented; as if i have no grip over my reality.

these nights... i'll be honest, half of them i can barely remember. i'll take a roll of film to get developed and have absolutely no idea what will be on it. sure enough, the memories all come rushing back at once and i relive the night through each roll of film.

this book is something that I have put my heart into, something that means a lot to me and my friends. it pays tribute to our experiences over the past two of our lives in hollywood. our fucked up lives. the consistent ups and downs of hollywood. the miserable nights, and the great nights. documented and printed for the world to see. a reminder to live life everyday.

i'm blessed with the greatest group of friends one can ask for. im addicted to the idea of capturing these hollywood nights using the rawness and simplicity of film. this is a book of all my friends and our adventures together. this is Just Another Night in Hollywood, and there are many more to come.

   - Rusty